Thinking - honest update

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You may have noticed that our site has not had much activity since late 2020. Here's what's happening.

Scratching my own itch

I personally had to "scratch my own itch". There was no simple, "don't think about it", way to get a docassemble server up and running.

I figured this was a a gap in the market. Since we're already hosting our own stuff for another docassemble based project, why not just open it up to others.

I had no idea of the market size but I figured that 50 other people on the platform would be enough to justify some attention. Fast forward to May 2021. We've only interacted with about half a dozen people and had very little uptake. Perhaps the market isn't there. Perhaps the timing is wrong or maybe we're "holding it wrong".

So what now (message to early customers)?

We don't have big expenses, so we can afford to keep the lights on, so that's good. Maybe you've seen this site and want to get started with docassemble hosting. Maybe you were wondering if anyone was home. Well... have no fear. We're looking for early customers like you and you are very welcome to get started.

...Bottom line. We're here for your docassemble hosting needs, assume we can do it. Feel free to just reach out. Let's talk and get things in place.

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