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How to setup Docassemble with less than 4GBs of RAM

As we've discussed in a previous post, it is possible to run Docassemble on a server with less than 4GB of RAM. This post walks through process step by step.

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...Bottom line. We're here for your docassemble hosting needs, assume we can do it. Feel free to just reach out. Let's talk and get things in place.

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Evergreen Instances

"Evergreen" means we keep up. Thanks to our regular updates, you miss out on new features and fixes.

Boutique Service

Unlike the generic factory hosts littering the internet, we're small enough to care.

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Your instances come with everything you need to get going. SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt,  Mail server so you can send email.

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Whatever you put together, all element are ready to go mobile. We've done the work for you.


Of course you can customize anything the way you like it. Using Webflows website editor you have full control!